Baby Wet Tissue Heater Thermostatic Wet Tissue Box


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Product information:

Color: blue mechanical model, pink smart model
Fragrance: No fragrance
Efficacy: heating and heat preservation
Applicable people: children


Advantages of the product
1. 40 ~ 60 degrees Celsius, one touch to adjust the temperature, each press increases 5 degrees Celsius. Real-time LED display, suitable for different seasons
2. The size of an ordinary tissue box is more convenient without taking up space.
3.Built-in temperature sensor, maintains constant temperature after heating, locks the temperature throughout the
4. Adopting 5V / 2A low voltage design, multiple USB ports are convenient, safe and fast
5. Close the top cover to form a closed system, and the water vapor circulates in the sealed space.
6. The upper heating plate is designed to conduct the heating from top to bottom to maintain the temperature of the upper layer and prevent the lower layer from drying out for a long time.

Instructions for use :
1. Open the wipe warmer cover.
2. Secure the sealed plastic wet wipes with elastic heating bands
3. Close the cover, plug in the power supply and set the temperature.
4. After reaching the set temperature, press the button to open the cover, the cover will open automatically and it can be taken out for use.
In order to heat the wet wipes faster and more evenly, remove the cover of the wet wipes with a plastic cover

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Additional information

Weight 0.31 g
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 120 cm

Pink, Green


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